Outdoor wood burning pizza ovens
Outdoor wood burning pizza ovens
Pizza Oven Supplies
Pizza Oven Supplies 

The Wood Fired Experience

We understand that investing in a wood burning oven is a big commitment and you want to make sure you buy one that’s up to the job.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Chef Brian Mellor and his award winning cookery school where he regularly holds outdoor cookery courses using our oven. Together we’ve crafted an exclusive try before you buy session so you can experience our oven in action and be assured it’s the one for you.  

On the three hour session you’ll be shown how to light the oven through to enjoying your own wood fired pizza in the Cheshire countryside. You will learn about fuel, building up and retaining heat plus controlling and positioning the fire.

As the heat builds in the oven you’ll learn how to make the dough and what to look for. Back at the oven we’ll push back the fire and stretch out our dough, place the toppings on and slide it into the oven alongside the blazing logs. There are still a few more tips and techniques to go through as you watch your pizza come to life and bake to perfection.

Best of all if you then decide to buy your oven from us – we’ll give you half the money back from the course.