Hi Nick and Sam here and we are Pizza Oven Supplies. A few years ago, and like many of you, I wanted to build an outdoor wood burning oven for myself.

The idea of having an oven that works perfectly just by throwing wood in was something I had discovered over 20 years ago while working in Rhodes, Greece.

The Old Medieval Town, which had been influenced by the Italians amongst others, had a few wood fired bread ovens dotted around. These were used to make bread and pastries in the morning, then loaded up with various meat and vegetables to slow cook through the afternoon, ready to serve in the evening.

The oven was then re-loaded up with wood until it reached the perfect pizza baking temperature of 750°F (400°C). Tourists and locals alike would be attracted to the unmistakeable smell of wild oregano, garlic and pizza dough being crisped by searing heat.

Sam and Nick - pizza oven supplies

Even though the smoke was clear at this temperature, it still imparted its unique flavour. The seed was set and lay dormant for 20 years. So back in 2010 I trawled YouTube for ideas, then Google, Ebay and Amazon for pizza oven materials. Mmm, so confusing, the information contradicted itself and the prices varied so much. I was just about to decide what to order, tandoori clay? Fire bricks? Castable refractory?  Not easy to choose, set a budget or even which method to use.

Was I going to fill the dome with sand and dig it out when set, use thin strips of wood and set fire or use a trammel radius tool and build it from refractory bricks. Do I buy a precast modular oven? If so, why do the prices vary so much?

Then a gentleman came into the reclamation yard that I managed and all my questions were answered. Having been a businessman in the pottery industry himself, the gentleman had so much knowledge and contacts it was unbelievable. I followed everything up and found I had all that hard to find knowledge and materials right on my doorstep.

pizza oven supplies

Stoke-on-Trent had been building bottle kilns for years and a wood burning oven is a type of bottle kiln.

I experimented with different kinds of mixes and after a while I got everything right. I then decided to build a mould and that gave me the idea. “What about all the other people like me that would like to know how to build a wood fired oven?”

I began to develop this website and people started to get in touch wanting me to build a wood fired oven for them. I packed my job in and off I went up and down the country building wood fired ovens for people from all walks of life.

As the enquiries increased then started to turn into orders I needed help to keep in touch with everyone. Who could be better qualified than my partner Sam, after all she had been listening to me ramble on about pizza ovens for years.

pizza oven supplies

Having built many of these pizza ovens myself, I can assure you I have taken all the really hard guess work out of your oven build. Not only that, you can be assured that you are getting all those expensive refractory materials just right.

So there you have it. We are a small growing business with a very hands on approach. You will only ever speak to Sam or myself and not passed from pillar to post. There is a downside to this, we sometimes have a holiday. Nevertheless, we always reply to emails and phone calls within at least two days and usually the same day.

What we have done is to put all that knowledge together with the design and refractory materials to bring you a traditional outdoor wood burning pizza oven you can be proud of. Whether you build your oven yourself from our pizza oven kit or have it built for you, you know the design works when it’s finished, ultimately saving you time and money

Thanks, Sam and Nick

pizza oven supplies

Please get in touch with us if you need any more information. You will not receive endless chains of emails and phone calls, that’s not how we work. In fact you’ll probably have to pester us if you’d like to order, so feel free!

We only want you to purchase off us if you feel totally happy with your decision, that’s why we’ve not enabled our online shop yet.

New showroom open by appointment, call Sam to book a viewing 07722 753975.

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