The Milano 750 Pizza Oven and Round Base Brick Kit

With the Milano 750 with round base kit, everything is supplied (apart from sand and cement and 18 concrete blocks) so you can build a pizza oven that you can be proud of. It’s probably the easiest to build due to its rustic look and round design. This oven can be added to at a later time, building serving and seating areas as you go. I have built this oven in two days, but you should have it done in three to five days or two-three weekends.

  • Refractory and insulated oven floor with 750 mm wide cooking area
  • Refractory dome with 480mm opening
  • Refractory bricks 2 inch for the oven floor with fire proof cement and grog for pointing
  • Chimney 500mm x 125 mm stove enamelled flue. Longer lengths are available
  • Cut half bricks for the round base
  • Full bricks, mitred bricks and keystone for the lower arch
  • Half bricks, mitred bricks and keystone for the upper arch
  • Tiles for the oven mouth
  • Cut quarter bricks for the outside of the dome
  • Full and cut bricks for the front
  • Insulation and reinforcement – kiln blanket,vapour barrier
  • Heatproof Kos cement
  • Flue damper for the chimney
  • Instructions and drawings (via Dropbox link) along with support from myself

Between £1475- £1585 including VAT
Delivery is £140 including VAT

You will need, sand, ballast, cement, 18 x breeze blocks, thermalite or similar (440mm x 215mm) hand tools and PPE (gloves, goggles, steel toe cap boots, dust mask should be your minimum). You can mix by hand or use a cement mixer. A small angle grinder may be preferable to a hammer and bolster chisel


milano 750 with round base