The Milano 750 Pizza Oven kit with square base

This oven is a beauty! The Milano 750 pizza oven is a standalone pizza oven that is an ideal focal point. Pizza oven kits with a classic design that will surely impress. If this design fits your space, this is the one. Ideal for those who plan to have their preparation/serving area is in front or at the side of the oven.

  • Insulated refractory dome 750mm internal diameter 950mm external
  • Two piece round refractory floor
  • Refractory bricks for the oven floor with fireproof cement and grog for pointing
  • Brick slips for the square base
  • Brick slips, mitred bricks and keystone for the lower arch
  • Half bricks, mitred bricks and keystone for the upper arch
  • Tiles for oven mouth and oven perimeter (type may vary)
  • Cut quarter bricks for the outside of the dome
  • Full and cut bricks for the front
  • Steel vitreous chimney 500mm long
  • Wall ties, chicken wire, vapour barrier, kiln blanket and wire to secure and insulate the dome
  • Heatproof Kos cement
  • Instructions and drawings along with support from myself

From £1475 to £1585 including VAT
Delivery is £140 including VAT

You will need, sand, ballast, cement, hand tools and PPE (gloves, goggles, steel toe cap boots, dust mask should be your minimum). You can mix by hand or use a cement mixer. A small angle grinder may be preferable to a hammer and bolster chisel. You will also need 30 off 440mm x 215mm breeze blocks, 2 x 900mm x 600mm slabs and 2 off 900mmx 100mm x 65mm lintels.

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Milano 750 Pizza Oven kit with square base