Roma 900 Pizza Oven Kit

This pizza oven kit comes in 5 pieces which includes a 4 inch deep 2 piece round oven floor. This is covered with 40 2 inch refractory bricks, helping to maintain high temperatures, this oven has reached over 700 degrees celcius.

Roma 900 Pizza Oven is the largest in our range and is generally used for commercial use although can be used domestically if you have a large enough area.

The Roma 900mm oven kit with accessories includes:

  • Refractory and insulated two-piece round oven floor with 900 mm wide cooking area
  • Three-piece refractory dome with 500mm opening
  • 40 2” Refractory bricks
  • Heat proof Kos cement x2
  • Insulation Kit: Superwool kiln blanket, vapour barrier chicken wire (if required)
  • Chimney 500mm x 150 mm stove enamelled flue. (Longer lengths are available)

£1100 including VAT
Delivery is £70 including VAT

Additional cut bricks (340) for a brick finish from £140 including VAT Door £90 including VAT Brick arch £24 including VAT Damper £21 Chimney cowl £56 See price list for anymore extras.


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Roma 900 Pizza Oven