Milano 750 Pizza Oven Kit

The Milano 750 pizza oven kit option is for people who have built or about to build their own base. It contains all the necessary parts to complete your pizza oven quickly, saving time shopping around for all those hard-to-get parts. This is becoming more popular with landscape gardeners and builders who have been asked by customers if they can build an outdoor wood burning oven into their project.

  • Refractory and insulated 2-piece oven floor with 750 mm wide cooking area
  • Refractory 5-piece dome with 480mm opening
  • Refractory bricks for the oven floor with fireproof cement and grog for pointing
  • Chimney 500mm x 125 mm stove enamelled flue. Longer lengths are available
  • Insulation and reinforcement – kiln blanket, aluminium vapour barrier, chicken wire
  • Heatproof Kos cement

Now only £840.00 including VAT NOW £700.00
Delivery to most areas £70.00 including VAT

Additional cut bricks (280) for a brick finish £168.00 including VAT Door £85.00 including VAT Brick arch £24.00 including VAT

milano 750 pizza oven kit