Fabrimake Bespoke Pizza Oven

Not included in our VAT free deal

Based around our Naples 600 pizza oven, heating up quickly and staying hot for hours.

If it’s just a quick cook in the garden after work of fish, meats or vegetables, a pizza party that can handle 30 to 40 pizzas per hour, baking some bread or slow roasting on the latent heat, then this is the oven for you.

Even though it’s only a 600mm wide dome, it is nearly 800mm deep. This extra 200mm is added to the throat of the oven.

The flame rolls over the dome and creates a grill effect, taking advantage of another dimension of your oven.

We are sure you will not be disappointed with the looks AND more importantly the performance of this oven.

Whether it’s a tabletop version where you build your own sturdy stand, or purchase built one from us, you can start enjoying that same day, knowing it will perform and last.

  • Lightweight aluminium spun dome
  • Sturdy 4mm powder coated steel front and door
  • Base is insulated with 25mm vermiculite board
  • The dome is insulated with 128kg Superwool
  • Assembled in just a few hours
  • Built around the tried and tested Naples 600 pizza oven
  • Available in almost any colour

£1600 including VAT
Free Delivery For A Limited Time

Each oven is made just for you. As soon as you pick your colour you will be given an individual build number. We will then discuss your requirements and start to build your bespoke oven.

Wayne and Bobby took early retirement from Bently Motors after spending many years there so their attention to detail is second to none. They will take charge of your oven and ensure that you are kept up to date as they build your bespoke oven.

Interested in some more information then fill the contact form in and we will show you how we achieved the great reviews that we already have.

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Fabrimake Bespoke Pizza Oven