A compact and well designed pizza oven that fits seamlessly into your garden for easy and versatile outdoor cooking throughout Autumn.

The Pizza Oven Guide For Your Garden This Autumn

If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor cooking experience and enjoy delicious homemade pizzas, a pizza oven in your garden is a fantastic addition. Here’s a guide to help you get started to choose the best pizza oven for your garden.


Choose The Right Pizza Oven

1. Consider The Size

Determine the right size of the pizza oven based on your available space and the number of pizzas you plan to cook. Smaller ovens are ideal for personal use, while larger ones can accommodate multiple pizzas at once for hosting gatherings. 

The extra space means you can even cook your Christmas dinner in a pizza oven.

2. Portable Oven

If you prefer convenience and mobility, portable pizza ovens made of stainless steel or clay are great options. They are easier to set up and can be moved around your garden. The cooking area is usually a piece of stone made of cordierite. These sometimes crack over time, so check if you can get replacements.

If your pizza oven uses wood pellets, check you can purchase these readily as there can be shortages during high demand. As they don’t store heat, you may have to reheat the oven between pizzas if you are doing more than a few.

3. Pre-Assembled Pizza Oven

These are a good idea if you have the available access. You will still need to build a sturdy base for your pizza ovens and have the means of lifting up to 800kg. Once in place, you are ready to go.

Just be aware, some of these ovens are of poor design and quality. Do your research; there are lots of pizza oven forums which can be helpful for your search. With a pre-assembled pizza oven, it’s hard to find out if they have the correct insulation for a wood-burning oven. 

Here is a pizza oven that not retaining heat. When the owner decided to demolish it and start again, it was clear why the pizza oven was not getting hot enough. Hollow bricks are not the best for heat retention, so make sure to check your stock before assembling.

A demolished pizza oven that wasn't retaining heat.

A Milano 750 square base pizza oven with serving sides that has been built in a garden area that is easy to use and provides versatile cooking choices throughout Autumn.

Here keen DIY’er Paul from the village of Bourneville took advantage of the poor summer to complete this Milano 750 square base with serving sides, not bad for a novice.

4. Precast Modular Pizza Oven

I consider this to be the happy medium. Not as hard to construct as a brick-built pizza oven, but not as convenient as a pre-assembled wood oven. 

The advantages of a modular pizza oven are in the name. 

MEANING: Modular: Assembled from smaller pieces. 

  • If you have limited access to your garden, these parts can be carried through the house or down an alleyway.
  • No need for heavy lifting and tackling to lift your pizza oven.
  • You can expect that your pizza oven is manufactured correctly
  • You can add the correct insulation required for a pizza oven to perform correctly

Autumn can be a great time to build your pizza oven. Get out into the garden when the sun is shining.

With the cooler temperatures laying bricks can be easier. The sun can dry your mortar out too quickly in the hot summer, causing novice builders an added problem. Take your time and pick your weather without any timescales. If you need to get your oven built for Halloween and Bonfire night, you can cover up with a cheap gazebo.

Ready To Take Your Outdoor Culinary Experience To The Next Level?

We hope this Pizza Oven Guide has given you the inspiration and knowledge you need to make the most out of your garden this Autumn. With the right pizza oven, you can extend your outdoor dining season and enjoy the rich, authentic flavours of homemade pizza right in your backyard. Contact the team for a personalised consultation and quote tailored to your specific needs and check out our price listings today!


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