What Are The Materials Required To Build A Brick Pizza Oven?

Building a brick pizza oven in the beer garden of your restaurant is a financially savvy decision that will earn you a quick and healthy return on your investment, as diners will find the prospect of authentic woodfired pizza too tempting to ignore.


A table with refractory materials on top of it, soon to be used for building a pizza oven.

When building a pizza oven, it’s essential to make sure that it is of good quality and delivers long-lasting, reliable service – and, of course, works exactly as it should. If you’re considering embarking on the project from scratch, you’ll need a comprehensive list of materials needed to build a pizza oven. Alternatively, you could create a DIY oven from one of our pizza oven kits, which contains everything you need to complete the task successfully.

What Materials Do I Need To Build A Pizza Oven?

If you plan to construct a pizza oven from scratch, you’ll need to carry out extensive research to find out which materials you need and how to assemble them correctly. To achieve optimum results when baking woodfired pizza, you’ll need to ensure that the dome is built exactly to the right size and shape, which will take time to perfect particularly if you’re an inexperienced builder.

Because pizza ovens reach temperatures of up to 500°C, far higher than a conventional oven, you’ll need to ensure that you use refractory materials that can withstand extreme heat and pressure. Sourcing these is often the biggest challenge! Suitable refractory materials include:

  • Firebrick grog.
  • Perlite.
  • Vermiculite.
  •  Fireclay.
  • High-alumina cement.

You’ll also need high-quality components, such as a kiln blanket to retain heat and a flue to allow smoke to escape. However, unless the correct components are obtained for the size and shape of the oven, the internal temperature may not be achieved, leading to unsatisfactory results.

The Benefits Of Using A Pizza Oven Kit

Pizza ovens are a great addition to restaurants. After the initial cost, they deliver long-term, reliable service, so you can serve literally thousands of pizzas to your hungry customers, quickly recouping your investment and earning your restaurant a glowing reputation for authentic Italian cuisine.

If you’re short on time or want certainty that the pizza oven will be installed correctly the first time, invest in a pizza oven kit. Our kits contain everything that you need for the perfect build and use only the finest quality materials to guarantee exceptional results.

Our range of outdoor pizza oven kits includes:

  • Insulated oven floor with a large cooking area.
  • Refractory dome with a wide opening.
  • Flue.
  • Kiln blanket for insulation.
  • Vapour barrier.
  • Chicken wire for reinforcing the render, if required.

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