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We now have over 4,000 pizza ovens built in the UK and hope to supply many more this year. Made from recycled refractory materials from the pottery industry in Stoke-on-Trent ensures that we can supply you with a product that not only works, but is also great value for money.

Just because it’s recycled doesn’t make it inferior, in fact it is made from the highest standard materials. Our supplier takes kiln furniture and processes it into firebrick grog, the best material for modular pizza ovens.

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Pizza Oven In Garden

Bespoke Designed Pizza Oven Available in a Colour of Your Choice

Take a look at this new oven from Pizza Oven Supplies for 2023. Based around our popular tried and tested Naples 600 pizza oven, we have teamed up with Fabrimake to manufacture this very desirable woodburning oven.

Made from a spun aluminium dome and powder coated steel front means it’s built to last.

The heat up time, performance and heat retention are exceptional.

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Fabrimake Woodburning Pizza Oven

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

So, you are looking for an outdoor pizza oven? What design best suits my space? If you were like I was. You have looked at all the Youtube videos and searched the net.

Looked at buying the refractory materials and making the oven yourself. Well don’t! I can assure you from experience that things go wrong. And you don’t want that when you build something this beautiful! When you are ready give us a call or fill in the contact form. You can’t purchase off our website as we want to make sure you are choosing the correct oven.

You will only ever talk to Sam or myself and we will always be the point of call to offer advice during your build.

Pizza Oven Kits

Our pizza ovens come in varying designs for different areas and shapes in mind. Catering for people who want a traditional looking outdoor wood burning oven. Firstly look at the space you have and decide what design will fit your area best. Then look at how much input you would like to put in to your oven build and choose which kit most suits your needs.

Choose a pizza oven design that works for you

If you would like to build your pizza oven from the start, why not build your own DIY pizza from one of our pizza oven kits. We are more than happy to help you build your own garden pizza oven. Whether a small pizza oven just for you and occasional entertaining, a good size economical outdoor brick-built oven for your garden, adding that extra entertainment feature, or a large outdoor pizza oven built for your pub or hotel business, then look no further.

There is no doubt that the benefits of owning a garden pizza oven is becoming better known. Their uses are endless, limited only by your imagination; it’s not only pizza that tastes fantastic when cooked in a wood fired oven. Not just for pizzas, anything you can cook in an oven or under a grill can be cooked.

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Wood burning inside a brick pizza oven

Which Pizza Oven Is Best For You?

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