Wood-fired pizza ovens

Right. So, you are looking for outdoor pizza ovens? What designs suit your space? Do you build your pizza oven? What will you make your pizza oven out of? And, after all that hard work, is it going to work?

If you were like I was, you have looked at all the YouTube videos and searched the net. Looked at buying the refractory materials and making the oven yourself. Well don’t! I can assure you from experience that things go wrong. And you don’t want that when you build something this big!

Please feel free to call or text me on my mobile at any time. I don’t believe you can purchase something this important at the click of a button. What I will do is offer advice so you can confidently build, or have built, wood burning outdoor pizza ovens.

Wood Fired Pizza Oven - outdoor pizza ovens

6-piece 750mm Milano Pizza Dome

The new 6-piece 750mm Milano pizza dome has a good finish. Due to the use of perlite there may be some small pock marks and the edges may be chipped. This is far outweighed by the extra insulation properties and lightness of the aggregate, which enables the oven to be easily lifted.

Now cast by hand in steel moulds for greater accuracy.

The use of lightweight perlite makes the oven relatively easy to lift by 2-4 persons. The dry weight of the materials used is under 200 kg in total for the floor and dome.

They can be fitted through the narrowest gate with the dome at less than 500mm high externally and 850mm externally. Our 750mm and 900mm ovens come in 6 pieces for even easier handling.

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outdoor pizza ovens

The Complete Oven Kit

The complete oven kit delivered on one or two pallets. We offer a number of designs what I think work well in different situations, whether it be a corner, square, circle or a long run. Your kit will come with everything you need apart from the basics like blocks, sand, and cement etc. These are more economical for you to source yourself locally. We will give you approximate quantities to order.

The outdoor oven is built out of reclaimed or new bricks that are supplied with nearly everyone pre-cut off site. Cutting up to 400 bricks in your back garden is awfully dusty, noisy and can upset the neighbours. The oven looks and performs fantastic when built and give you a true sense of pride when you tell everyone you built it yourself.

Having built loads of wood burning ovens myself I have a large selection of drawings, photos and instructions to help you to build your own pizza oven. But more importantly I am at the end of the phone to answer even the simplest question.

outdoor pizza ovens

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