The 3 Key Elements of a Pizza Oven Kit You Should Know About When Making Your Choice

A wood-fired pizza oven kit is a fantastic addition to any home, pub, or hotel garden, offering diners a unique chance to savour delicious food in the peace and comfort of their surroundings. But when you’re choosing a pizza oven for your home or business, it’s essential to understand how different components play a crucial role in producing authentic, high-quality dishes that your guests will relish.

If you are planning to invest in a wood-fired pizza kit, there are three elements that are critical: the insulated floor, the chimney, and the dome.

vegetarian pizza cooked with a pizza oven kit

Insulated Floor

Pizza ovens reach much higher temperatures than conventional electric or gas appliances, so the insulated floor must be able to withstand intense heat for prolonged durations. The cooking temperature of the floor may reach 500°C, while the temperature under the fire could exceed 700°C!

For maximum efficiency, the insulated floor must absorb and store the heat from the fire so that it will work effectively as the cooking surface. Pizza dough contains a high percentage of water, so the crispiest results will be achieved if the water is quickly cooked out of the dough via steam into the floor. The floor will also be exposed to sharp utensils as food is moved around, so its ability to resist abrasion is as important as its thermal conductivity and porosity.


Pizza – and other foods – that are gently infused with smoke in a wood-fired oven taste great, but the smoke can be problematic if an effective ventilation system is not installed. Like all solid fuel appliances, a chimney is essential: as the fire burns, an imbalance in pressure is produced by the difference between the cold air outside and the hot air inside. If a chimney is fitted, the hot air is sucked upwards, drawing the excess smoke out.

If there is no vent, the smoke cannot escape, which can affect the quality of the food and complicate the cooking process for the chef. Also, the oven may not reach the right temperature, so ensure your pizza oven building kit has a correctly positioned flue.


Consistently cooked food requires an even distribution of heat within the pizza oven. The dome helps to ensure that heat across the floor of the oven is uniform, so that food cooks evenly wherever it is placed.

The shape of the dome also creates a lensing effect which reduces the amount of space above the oven for air circulation so that the oven will be hotter, and food will cook more quickly. A high heat concentration within the oven ensures crispier finishes, without moisture being lost from the food, which is why wood-fired ovens are an excellent way to cook joints of meat and fish – not just pizza!

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