Keeping Toasty: How To Use Your Pizza Oven As An Outdoor Heater

If you’re investing in an outdoor pizza oven for your garden, the last thing you want is to be driven indoors by cooler temperatures. Even in summer, late evenings can become a little on the chilly side, so why not use your pizza oven as a highly effective patio heater to help your guests to stay warm long after the sun has gone down?


An outdoor pizza oven with fire burning inside being used as an outdoor heater for a garden.

With a few simple steps, you can transform your pizza oven into a cosy outdoor heater at any time of the year. In this article, we’ll explore the key points to consider.

Oven Cleaning

Before using your pizza oven as a heater, it’s crucial to ensure that it is clean and free from any food debris or leftover ashes from previous use. Start by removing any ashes or residue from previous cooking sessions and wipe down the interior walls and floor with a damp cloth to eliminate remaining particles. This step is essential to maintain good air quality and prevent any unwanted odours that could put a damper on the evening’s proceedings.

Heat Retention

A brick pizza oven works wonderfully as an outdoor storage heater, generating constant heat that will gently warm the surrounding air and help your family or guests to stay warm.

To create heat in your pizza oven, start by lighting a fire using appropriate kindling, such as dry wood. Allow the fire to burn until the oven reaches the desired temperature. The type of wood you use can impact the heat output, so consider using hardwoods such as oak or maple, which provide long-lasting and consistent heat.

Heat Placement

A poorly positioned pizza oven will do little to warm your guests, so choosing the right position is crucial for the best effect. Position the pizza oven in a suitable location where the heat can radiate into the desired area: consider the wind direction and any potential obstacles that may hinder heat flow. You can also place seats for your guests closer to the oven to take advantage of the warmth that it generates.

Important Safety Considerations

Of course, using a pizza oven as a patio heater requires careful attention to safety precautions:

  • Adequate Ventilation: Ensure that the area around the pizza oven has proper ventilation to prevent the accumulation of smoke and carbon monoxide. Place the oven in an open space or a well-ventilated outdoor area.
  • Fire Safety: Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of emergencies. Never leave the oven unattended, especially when children or pets are present. Make sure the surrounding area is clear of flammable materials, including the oven fuel.
  • Heat Protection: Remember that the pizza oven’s exterior can become extremely hot during operation. Install a barrier or use caution signs to prevent accidental contact and burns and keep a watchful eye over youngsters. At all times, maintain a safe distance from the oven while enjoying its warmth.

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