Outdoor wood burning pizza ovens
Outdoor wood burning pizza ovens
Pizza Oven Supplies
Pizza Oven Supplies 

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer supply materials in bulk to build your own pizza oven. I apoligise for this but it takes up too much time and you could still get it wrong.

I need to concentrate on people that purchase our ovens. Hope you understand. Thanks, Nick

Pizza Oven Fire Bricks & Materials


A volcanic rock that is expanded, producing an ideal insulating material in wood fired ovens. When mixed with Ciment Fondue, it forms a light weight, insulating heat resistant concrete. It is also used by many gardeners for moisture retention in soils.


£20.00 per 100L bag plus delivery



Ciment Fondue

A refactory cement that is ideal for casting pizza ovens.


It can be used with perlite, refactory grog or vermiclite to form pizza oven domes.


£30.00 per 25kg bag plus delivery