What Can A Pizza Oven Do That A Barbecue Grill Cannot?

With the cost-of-living crisis discouraging many families from eating out – over four-fifths of Britons surveyed have slashed their restaurant spending in recent months – more homeowners are investing in al fresco dining in the comfort of their gardens.


A Naples 600 Pizza Oven sitting outside a family’s garden ready for their evening dinner.

Both barbeque grills and outdoor pizza ovens are great alternatives to restaurants and takeaways as, over time, they are considerably more cost-effective and you can enjoy the long summer evenings without feeling rushed to finish your meal. In this article, we’ll explore whether you should opt for a BBQ or a pizza oven for your garden this year.

Pizza Oven Vs BBQ: Which Should You Choose?

Barbeques are the go-to choice for many families and, in the warm summer weather, a British tradition that has prevailed for many years. Compared to woodfired pizza ovens, however, barbeques have some significant disadvantages:

  • The maximum cooking time of charcoal is 45 minutes and, after it reaches its peak temperature, it cools quickly, unlike a pizza oven which retains its heat for hours.
  • The intense heat produced by BBQs can sear food, so it is burned on the outside and undercooked in the middle. In contrast, pizza ovens produce more consistent heat, so food is cooked evenly throughout.
  • Some charcoals are of a low-quality, with lots of small, unusable pieces that make it difficult to achieve an even temperature for the bed of the barbeque. With wood, there are fewer variations, so your cooking is likely to be consistent in quality.
  • Barbeques are notoriously dirty and difficult to clean, which detracts from the dining experience after the meal is completed.

Woodfired Pizza Ovens: More Than Just Pizza!

While pizza ovens are great for cooking authentic, wood-smoked pizza that is rich in flavour, their versatility is often understated. In fact, did you know that a variety of foods can be cooked in a pizza oven, from fish and vegetables to meat and hot desserts?

Using a Tuscan grill in a pizza oven will achieve better results than a barbeque grill, as food will be cooked more evenly while retaining the distinctive smoky flavour that so many people love. Because there’s less chance of meat being charred on the outside which gives it the appearance of being thoroughly cooked, it will be safer to eat, with a more pleasant texture.

Woodfired pizza ovens can also be used as patio heaters. Even in the summer months, outdoor temperatures may drop as darkness falls, but the evening needn’t come to a premature end simply because your guests are feeling a little chilly. The pizza oven will continue to emit residual heat for many hours, so you can make the most of the long evenings without getting cold.

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